Virtual USB for Linux

Completely new product Virtual USB for Linux v 1.0. Virtual USB is the only one of its kind because USB Server and USB Client are combined into one software product

This new unique software product allows to share and access any USB device to use them over local network or Internet. To share and access USB device plugged into computer with Linux OS you just need to install Virtual USB product into your system. Your system must have kernel v2.6.15 and higher so you could use the product. USB Server also requires the support of UDEV subsystem.

It supports high-speed isochronous USB devices. Now you can share high-speed Web-cams, audio-devices and use them remotely.

It is USB v1.1 and USB v2.0 compatible. Virtual USB for Linux fully supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 specifications. And it guarantees USB Server compatibility with any USB device of any vendor.

It is VM ware, Virtual PC compatible. You can install Virtual USB for Linix on the Virtual Machine and it will work the same way as it works on real computer.

It can be integrated into Linux based embedded devices! If you are hardware developer you can integrate USB Server functionality into your USB devices. Now it's really easy.

System Requirements:

- Linux compatible OS

- Kernel 2.6.15 and higher

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